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10 Question With... Harbottle & Jonas

Well let’s kick things off with an interview. A big thank you to Dave Harbottle, for taking the time out to answer my questions.

1. Who are you? - 'Dave (Harbottle & Jonas)'

2. How would you describe your music? - 'Contemporary folk music with traditional elements.'

3. What inspires you? - 'Nature'

4. What can we expect release wise? - 'We completed our most up to date album 'The Sea is My Brother' in Feb 2019 and we are aiming to release a new record in Spring 2021.'

5. Are you touring? - 'Always and endlessly' (We will add a link at bottom with their tour dates)

6. Why did you take up music? - 'To share my soul with others.'

7. How to do set about writing/creating your music? - 'Going for a very long walk with the dog on an empty stomach and then coming home and hope for inspiration. A lot of things get voice memoed these days...'

8. If the world was ending and you could only listen to one last song, what one would it be and why? 'Wow errmmm... whatever I'm most into at the time.' (Well, we normally link the song below, so instead, here is an amazing cover of the Bosses, 'I'm on Fire' performed by Harbottle & Jonas (Trio))

9. Any funny/weird stories or experiences from your tours? 'Never.'

10. How do you want to go out, a Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion? 'We are living already as aliens on this planet. We are from the earth and we are invading it's sacred surface.'

Another huge thank you to Dave Harbottle, for his time and we wish them Peace & Love, now and forever.

Please check out their new album 'The Sea is My Brother' (my thoughts on the album will be posted soon), and if you've not had the pleasure, have a listen to all their albums.

Tour info and website (Sadly none over here in the Western Isles):

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