About Folk Horror

Why Folk?

Folk music has always been a way for news and stories to be past from person to person and town to town.  As well as that side of folk, a good story can move someone to worlds, places or through time and the best folk music tell, the best tales. 

Why Horror?

Horror has a way to invoke emotions that few other genres can.  Unlike a lot of other genres, it relies not only, on the writers, filmmakers and painters skill, but also on the imagination of the viewer.

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James Harvey


Having come from a tiny village in the Lake Districts, called Little Langdale, it was common back then (as it still is now) to be without power.  So, to pass the time, I would watch local folk artists as well as those passing through the village in the tavern on the hill and the annual barn dance at the farm in the next valley.  It was one of the only ways for a young northern lad to find out about life beyond the mountains that surrounded me, as well as discover stories from not only other counties but countries and cultures.


I’m a huge adrenalin junkie, from snowboarding, windsurfing, mountain biking to scaring the pants of myself watching, reading and listening to horror stories.  I’ve always loved that feeling you get from a rush of adrenalin.  From my younger years of reading stories by Lovecraft, Poe, King, to name but a few, I progressed to films and video games as well as the rise of audio books (and now YouTube).